THE All Under One Banner March saw thousands of people from across Scotland and beyond come together to march for Scottish independence

Starting in Kelvingrove Park, the march made its way through Glasgow's city centre, ending on Glasgow Green. 

While the weather was widely described as "drookit", tens of thousands of people braved the drizzle to stand up for their beliefs. 

In typical Scottish Twitter fashion, the even has turned out some weird, wacky and hilarious tweets. Here are some of the ones we found while following the march on the newsdesk:

Scotland's national animal joined the march

While some countries have birds, and others choose big cats, Scotland went all out when it chose the unicorn as its national animal. 

Seen here in attendance, a massive model unicorn covered in saltires joined the call for independence. 

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The police horses made their contribution ... so did a witty marcher

Sometimes the stars align and the perfect opportunity presents itself

Seriously Boris Johnson ...

Some cheeky signs made us chuckle

The current prime minister has been a major reason for former-No voters changing beliefs, and he was the subject of many cheeky placards. 

Dressing for the weather like a true Scot

Be it rain or shine, Scots are known for their hardiness. Of course, not many Scots went as far as wearing shorts to the rally, but there were a few ...

Glaswegians have never turned down a party on the streets at the "Four Corners"

One of Glasgow's busiest night time spots was packed with pro-independence marchers, who seemed to have taken on a huge surge of energy, as they neared the finish line. 

Age is no barrier when it comes to supporting your future

This young Yesser stole the crowd's attention, waving the Lion Rampant.

A great display of attendance with the streets filled with marchers

We will keep this updated as more come in!

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