The Greatest Dancer (BBC1, 7pm)

THE dance talent show continues with the auditions, and the audience still hold the power, as only they will decide if the mirror opens for the acts or not. The dancers need to impress at least 75% of the audience for the mirror to open and progress in the competition, while one Dance Captain will get to pick an act and take them straight through to the live shows.

Digging Up Britain’s Past (C5, 7pm)

RAKSHA Dave and Alex Langlands examine the history of HMS Invincible, which was captured from the French in 1747 and helped transform the Royal Navy with the lessons it taught about organisation and ship design. For more than 260 years, HMS Invincible lay at the bottom of the Solent, but archaeologists are now diving beneath the waves in a £2 million excavation to discover more about this historic ship.

Tony Robinson’s History of Britain (Channel 5, 8pm)

THE eponymous presenter (left) travels back to the 1800s, where in London’s East End he encounters 13-year-old Sarah Chapman; she worked 14-hour shifts in a match factory. The worst part was constant exposure to chemicals, so Sarah took part in one of the first workers’ marches to improve conditions. Tony also examines the life of Angus Innes, a Scottish navvy who blasted tons of rock from the highlands to help construct an ambitious water channel. The presenter discovers his secret: a breakfast of six slices of bacon, a loaf of bread, a can of condensed milk and two pints of beer.

Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets (C4, 8pm)

ARCHAEOLOGISTS working across the UK regularly uncover bodies, with most discoveries the result of excavations in advance of a building development. In this series, the Natural History Museum palaeontologist Tori Herridge and a team of scientists attempt to piece together the lives behind discovered bones, and find out what happened to these people and how they died. Once a skeleton has been recorded in the ground and lifted, the bones immediately begin to reveal their mysteries, opening up a secret history of Britain. In tonight’s opening episode, five bodies dating from the Bronze Age are found in a deep pit on the Isle of Thanet in Kent.

The Voice UK (STV, 8.30pm)

THE second show of the new series opens with both Tom Jones (above) and new coach Meghan Trainor already having selected two singers each. Olly Murs and only have one so far – but it’s still very early days so there’s everything to sing for as host Emma Willis welcomes a fresh batch of performers to take to the stage. The coaching quartet will be hearing double this evening as a duo who also happen to be twin sisters belt out an uplifting tune.