LIKE Brian Quail, whose letter on Wednesday links independence and opposition to Trident (Hopefully the UN will ban Trident by the end of this year, January 8), I also look forward to a nuclear-free Scotland.

I ask your readers to spare a thought for those at Faslane Peace Camp, whose presence at the gates of the base has been saying for 35 years that we will never tolerate nuclear weapons. Every Wednesday from 4-5pm a vigil is held. I have attended, and was pleased to see a lot of the workforce are sympathetic to the anti-nuclear view.

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Your support is always needed – try to attend the vigil, or visit the peace camp, or make a donation of cash, food or anything else they might need to “protest and survive”.

Their address is Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon, Helensburgh G84

See you at the march!

Malcolm Bruce
Edinburgh CND