The National:

WRITING exclusively for The National, Labour leadership hopeful Clive Lewis has backed a second independence referendum.

He even said Scottish Labour should be able to back a Yes vote.

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Having been virtually wiped off the map in Scotland once again in a General Election, the change of stance certainly seems like something party chiefs would be wise to consider.

Indeed, several high-profile figures have already called for the party to support indyref2.

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Somewhat predictably, however, centrist Labour onlookers have not taken too kindly to Lewis’s suggestions.

Fellow leadership hopeful Jess Phillips reaffirmed her assertion that she can foresee no “circumstance where I think it would be better for Scotland to leave the UK”.

Labour Hame editor Duncan Hothersall urged Lewis to give more thought to the prospect of Scotland being governed from Edinburgh instead of London.

Labour activist John Ruddy stuck to the “facts”. Alister Jack tried the same line at Scottish Questions yesterday, and it didn’t work out so well.

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Former Labour MSP Drew Smith also objected to the sentiments.

Likewise Scottish Labour member Martin McCluskey.

Gemma Doyle, an ex-Labour MP, was stunned by the plan to support self-determination.

If you’ve got this lot riled Clive, you’re probably doing something right.