We've teamed up with Together Energy to bring you a tariff that will protect your bills from Brexit and tackle fuel poverty. To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500.

HOW do you help end fuel poverty, aid the environment and save money at the same time?

By becoming one of the first to sign up to a brand new ethical energy deal with The National and Scottish company Together Energy.

We’ve formed a first-of-its-kind partnership to offer a market-leading tariff.

The 25-month tariff – named the Together Energy Green Brexit Protect 25 Month – is the cheapest of its kind, with the power drawn from a renewable source.

And for every person to sign up this month, we’ll donate £60 to help eradicate fuel poverty in Scotland.

The problem affects around one-quarter of Scottish households and is linked to major health problems.

To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500

Paul Richards, who founded the Clydebank company, grew up in a fuel-poor house and is determined that his firm will make a difference in Scottish homes.

He said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us and The National to extend the focus we have on helping people in Scotland.

“Many of the people we employ are from vulnerable backgrounds. This will help us reach more people across Scotland who are in fuel poverty.”

And Callum Baird, editor of The National, said the company’s ethos and offers make for the perfect fit.

He said: “The National fights for social justice every day and cares passionately about creating a better Scotland. We know you do too.

“By supporting our partnership with Together Energy, you can help us make a difference in people’s lives and fight climate change – as well as protecting your own pocket.

“We are delighted to team up with an ethical Scottish company on an initiative that will help customers and support struggling households at the sharp end of austerity.”

Because fuel poverty is so often a hidden problem, we’ll use food banks to get the help to where it’s needed. And 10% will be dedicated to this cause for the length of the tariff.

To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500

The ethical energy deal is not a big money-maker for The National, but it could save you cash as it is designed to avoid the potential price variations that Brexit may bring.

And the increased customer base will help Together Energy continue to recruit, train and employ people from disadvantaged backgrounds – helping them achieve their potential and bring home a decent wage.

Richards said: “Together Energy has been built around a set of core convictions – foremost amongst these is a vision of how employers and employees interact, both for their mutual benefit and for that of the wider community. We wanted to develop a workplace and community grounded in the values of dignity and worth.

“Crucially, we have sought to do this within an industry that has been blighted by poor pay, inadequate training and high attrition rates.

“Our ambitions and our ideals are however underpinned by comprehensive industry experience, strategic nous and entrepreneurial innovation.”

Baird added: “It couldn’t be easier to join in and take advantage of this offer – just follow our link and see what you could save.”

How do I sign up?

BUILDING a better Scotland is at the heart of everything The National and Together Energy do.

Our tariff is called the Together Energy Green Brexit Protect 25 Month and has been designed to freeze power prices for 25 months as a guarantee against potential cost variations over the Brexit period.

Regardless of what happens in the market, you’ll know what you’re paying for the length of the deal.

Every penny of our £60-percustomer profits will be donated to those in fuel poverty during month one.

To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500

Local food banks will help us ensure this money gets to the people who need it most. And 10% of our proceeds will be donated to this cause every month thereafter. It could not be easier to get on board.

Before you start, find your latest bill from your current supplier to get the consumption which will make the quote more accurate.

Don’t worry if you cannot find a bill, we can still offer you a quote based on what you are spending, so have that information handy.

Click our link, press the “Get a Quote” button and answer the questions.

Once you have entered all your details, the system will offer you some tariffs and show you the potential savings you can make.

Select option 2 to fix your price for 25 months. You can find all the information on the unit price by pressing the information button.

We told you it was easy! We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500

Together Energy: meet our ethical partners

The National:

FORMER British Gas executive Paul Richards founded Together Energy in the community where he grew up. Richards, from Clydebank, chose the West Dunbartonshire town to begin the venture to help bring employment to the area and address its poverty rates.

The firm, which has a turnover of £85 million, began trading in 2016 as a challenger to the “Big Six” power firms and now has more than 150,000 customer accounts. They’re served by a workforce of 140 people who, unlike many in the sector, are not expected to work from scripts.

As well as in-house training and development, staff are given the chance to learn part-time at university and there’s a focus on promoting from within. Regulator Ofgem chose Together Energy to take over the accounts of Reading-based OneSelect when it collapsed and in December its senior team was boosted when Kevin Greenhorn, former managing director of SSE Energy Solutions, joined as chief operating officer.

To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500

Greenhorn, who was an ambassador for youth employment charity Tomorrow’s People, says he was attracted by the company’s strong social agenda and commitment to its staff. He said: “Together Energy is a dynamic, ambitious business built on sound moral and ethical principles which I admire greatly and find refreshing.

“There’s a terrific management team in place who are committed and driven to continue to break new boundaries and it’s an exciting time to be joining the company.” 

To sign up, visit www.bit.ly/national500