Best Home Cook (BBC1, 8pm)

CLAUDIA Winkleman hosts the culinary contest. Mary Berry asks the cooks to produce their ultimate meringue dessert for a family celebration lunch – leading to stunning pavlovas and even a woodland-themed roulade. This is followed by a one-hour challenge to rustle up a dish featuring a humble vegetable before the judges decide who has to cook for their place in the contest.

Baby Chimp Rescue (BBC2, 8pm)

DOCUMENTARY following life in a home for orphaned chimpanzees run by vet Jimmy Desmond and his wife Jenny. The Desmonds started with just two rescued baby chimps, saved from the illegal pet trade, but now their home is bursting at the seams with 21 orphans to look after. Many of the primates lost their mothers before they had a chance to learn key survival skills but professor Ben Garrod is on hand to help Jimmy and Jenny teach the chimps important skills.

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick (C4, 8pm)

A SIX-MONTH-OLD collie dog appears to have a developmental deformity where the bones in its elbows don’t fit together, but after CT scans Noel sees that the situation is even more complex. A Burmese mountain dog has a painful bulging disc, while cat Elmo has a complex fracture to its left back leg after being hit by a car. The vet believes the limb can be saved, but it’s going to require a tricky operation involving metal implants.

QE2 (BBC Alba, 10.30pm)

FOR 40 years the QE2 reigned as the world’s most illustrious cruise liner. These programmes tell the story of this feat of maritime engineering – from its beginnings in a Clydeside shipyard; its maiden voyage across the Atlantic; its golden heyday and iconic journeys, brushes with controversy, and requisition during the Falklands War. Charting the QE2’s story with a wealth of archive alongside interviews with former crew, passengers, historians and engineers, this compelling two-part series tells the story of how the most luxurious ship in the world became so iconic.