IAN Blackford accused Boris Johnson’s government of “disregarding” the Scottish Parliament during a heated exchange at Prime Minister's Questions.

The SNP Westminster leader also accused Johnson of “dismissing the will of the people of Scotland”.

Blackford asked: “Who should determine the future of Scotland? The Prime Minister or the people who live in Scotland?”

Boris Johnson said the answer was the people of Scotland, who "voted decisively" in 2014 to stay in the UK in a "once in a generation choice".

The Commons session preceded a Holyrood debate on the Withdrawal Bill, with MSPs set to discuss the next stage of the UK Government’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Under the devolution agreement, Westminster must seek legislative consent for issues affecting devolved policy areas but, in practice, the UK Government could still proceed against the will of the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish administrations.

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Blackford continued: “This is about democracy. In 2016, the people of Scotland voted to remain in the European Union yet they are being dragged out of Europe against their will by this Prime Minister.

“In 2019, the people of Scotland elected a majority of SNP MPs to Westminster. The Scottish National Party won the election on the premise of Scotland’s right to choose its own future, rejecting the Prime Minister who lost more than half of his seats in Scotland.

“Today the Scottish Parliament will decline legislative consent to the Withdrawal Bill we are debating later today.”

The SNP Westminster leader added: “Why is this Conservative government dismissing the will of the people of Scotland, ignoring their voice and disregarding our parliament?”

Johnson said the “real question was why do the SNP keep going on about breaking up the most successful Union in history”.

He claimed the SNP were seeking to “distract from their abundant failures in government”.