MINISTERS have dismissed a suggestion for the EU flag to be flown routinely alongside the Saltire on all Scottish Government buildings as a visible demonstration of the nation’s pro-EU stance.

Anthony Salamone – a former academic at the London School of Economics who has set up Edinburgh-based political analysis firm European Merchants – called for the move last year as part of a package of measures he believes could help protect Scotland’s European relations from Brexit.

In pro-EU Ireland, the EU flag is flown every day from all government buildings alongside the Irish flag.

But yesterday the Scottish Government knocked back the suggestion, pointing out the EU flag was flown on Europe Day, which is held on May 9 and marks peace and unity in Europe.

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Asked yesterday if the Scottish Government would routinely fly the EU flag alongside the Saltire, a spokesperson said: “The European flag is flown on Europe Day.”

In a St Andrew’s Day report, Salamone also urged ministers to establish Europe Day as a Scottish bank holiday.

He called for the creation of a citizens’ charter of commitments, values and rights for European nationals in Scotland and the launch of a European Friendship Year initiative, celebrating Scotland’s links with a different European country or region annually.

Launching “Scotland and the Spirit of Europe: Protecting Scotland’s European Relations in the Face of Brexit”, Salamone also called on the Scottish Government to build stronger links with the Scottish diaspora in Europe, including prominent graduates who studied in Scotland, and for the creation of a mission statement by the Scottish Government on Scotland as a European Nation.

“Scotland’s pro-EU stance and opposition to Brexit have become widely known in the rest of the EU,” Salamone said.

“Although the outcome of Brexit remains uncertain, Scotland will be affected even if it were to become independent – as Ireland demonstrates. Should Brexit take place, the risk is that Scotland will lose access to the EU and relevance in Brussels.”

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Scotland voted by 62% to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum but will leave with the rest of the UK on January 31.

The Scottish Government wants Scotland to rejoin the EU as an independent nation.

The First Minister wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson last month seeking the necessary transfer of power from Westminster to Holyrood to hold a new referendum on independence later this year.

Downing Street said on Monday that it would respond to the First Minister’s letter in due course.