AS the countdown continues to Saturday’s All Under One Banner emergency rally in Glasgow, the Scottish Independence Foundation has again decided to back the event, as they did with the huge march and rally in Edinburgh last October.

The organisation dedicated to funding the grassroots of the Yes movement told The National why they will be playing their part on Saturday.

A spokesperson said: “Marches and Rallies don’t win Independence by themselves, but they help us get there faster.

“They generate publicity for the independence movement, letting the undecideds know that we are alive and kicking.

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“They let senior politicians know the feelings of urgency and impatience in our movement and the need to ready ourselves for the coming referendum. They tell the world – Europe and beyond – that we are not isolationist, and that we want to reach out to them as a re-established independent nation.

“The Scottish Independence Foundation will be out with collection boxes on Glasgow Green during the 11th of January Rally.

“The money collected will be counted by SIF then shared between SIF and AUOB. As always, SIF will spend every penny of its income on funding local and national campaigns to help achieve independence – look at our website for details.

“AUOB’s share of the donations will help them run bigger and better events as this important year progresses.

“SIF helped fund AUOB’s Edinburgh event in October and The National’s Freedom Square event in November, and also helped AUOB create their new website, Join us at the march and rally this Saturday in Glasgow.”

In an article for that AUOB website, Gwen Sinclair of SIF wrote: “SIF are a small team who meet regularly to help put indy grassroots ideas into action, who know that Scotland’s greatest asset is our people, and with each application for funding they receive they are constantly overwhelmed by the imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Yes movement.

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“SIF will be speaking at the AUOB rally on January 11, so you will be able to find out more about what we have been doing, what our plans for 2020 are and how you can help. Check out our webpage to find out more, to donate or to enquire about funding an idea.

“We are always delighted to know that we are helping to make things happen.

“It seems fair to conclude here though, that each success story of the indy movement is helping to bring about enhanced enthusiasm, even more political awareness and a new-found confidence in us all.

“It would be difficult to judge just how this confidence is finding its way into our nation as a whole.”