THE ToriesBrexit Bill will undermine devolution, seize government functions and facilitate a Tory power grab on devolution, the SNP has warned.

MPs at Westminster are due to debate the next stage of the UK Government’s Withdrawal Agreement today, the SNP have tabled motions intended to, among other things, curb the Tory power grab on Scotland.

There are fears within the party that following the passing of the Bill, the “shocking undemocratic reality” will see the House of Lords have more of a say on Scottish matters than the Scottish Parliament.

The party will put forward an amendment which requires the Bill to gain legislative consent from the devolved parliaments and will also attend to curb the Government’s Henry VIII powers – a mechanism which allows the Government to repeal or amend an Act without the need for taking it back to Parliament.

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The SNP will also seek to ensure the UK continues to accept its responsibilities in helping unaccompanied children and will highlight the risk posed by a devastating No-Deal Brexit.

Finally, SNP MPs want to remove the power of ministers to specify the circumstances in which lower courts within the domestic legal systems of the UK could depart from the rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union after the Brexit transition or implementation period.

“The Tories’ Brexit Bill will undermine devolution, undermine the separation of powers and will abandon key commitments on international issues,” said Shadow Home Secretary and Justice Secretary Joanna Cherry.

“It poses a very real threat to Scotland – with the power grab side-lining the devolved governments, and the mounting risk of a devastating No-Deal Brexit.

“Since the EU referendum, the Tory Government has time and time again sought to dismiss and silence the devolved administrations, seize for government functions properly exercised by Parliament and the judiciary, abandon its duty to uphold human rights and protect refugees and impose a policy of dragging Scotland and the UK out of the EU without an economic impact assessment.”

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She added: “The shocking undemocratic reality is that the House of Lords will have more of a say on Scotland’s future than the Scottish Parliament.”

Meanwhile, MSPs have been urged to reject the UK Government’s Withdrawal Agreement.

MSPs in Holyrood are set to debate whether to give consent to the agreement struck by the Prime Minister with the EU.

Legislative consent for issues affecting devolved areas is required under the devolution agreement but, in practice, the UK Government could still proceed against the will of the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish administrations.