An MSP has condemned vandalism at her constituency office after "Tory Scum" was spray-painted on a wall.

Annie Wells has said she will report the incident in Glasgow to police.

The abuse was sprayed in red paint on the wall of the office in Maryhill Road between Friday evening and Monday morning.

She tweeted a picture of the graffiti, adding: "Happy new year! A civic and joyous start to 2020 at our constituency office."

A spokesman for the MSP said: "It's depressing that abusive graffiti like this has become the norm for MSPs and MPs across Scotland.

"It's not a particularly nice way to start the new year but it won't stop Annie from continuing to get things done for her constituents and people in Glasgow."

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Last year, the MSP said she had contacted police over fears for her safety following online threats and abuse.

The vandalism at her office is the latest incident of MSPs being targeted.

During the general election campaign, a window was smashed and "SNP out" was spray-painted on the constituency office of Communities and Local Government Secretary Aileen Campbell, in Carluke, South Lanarkshire.

The SNP MSP said at the time she was "deeply saddened" by the attack.