A NEW target figure has been set for the Yes.Scot online petition which calls for support for independence, after the original target figure was met last month.

The petition began during the SNP conference in Aberdeen in October, and was aimed at gaining 500,000 signatures.

That figure was reached shortly after the General Election and the organisers have now revised the target to 550,000.

The petition continues to be promoted by the Yes movement and as of last night it had attracted 514,220 signatures. More than 150,000 new names have been added since the election.

The Yes.Scot website proclaims: “Westminster isn’t working for Scotland. We’ve been ignored too often.

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“It’s time for a fresh start – to choose a different and better path. As an independent country, Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands. Together, we can make Scotland the country we all know it can be. Sign here to pledge your support.”

SNP deputy leader and campaign director Keith Brown said at its launch: “We need to focus all our efforts on building an independence majority.

“This work will start with a major new campaign focused on Scotland’s economic potential as an independent country.

“Our plan is to distribute An Independent Scotland: Household Guide to every household – all 2,460,000 of them. To achieve that, I am asking you to join me in making a donation to this specific project.”

Donations can be made online.