THERE will be a welcome addition to the All Under One Banner march and rally in Glasgow next Saturday.

The recently formed Scottish Football Fans for Yes group (SFFY) will be marching as a block for the first time within the AUOB march on January 11.

SFFY told The National: “The Football Crazy supporters will be meeting initially at 10.30am beside Kelvinbridge tube station, at the car park next to the River Kelvin, before forming up with the main march in nearby Kelvingrove Park.

“In addition to providing a colourful, noisy and unified contribution to the many other Yes groups and banners, members of SFFY will also be leafleting the local Championship match at Firhill later that afternoon, when the two great Yes cities of 2014 will be in direct competition with each other at the game between hosts Partick Thistle and guests Dundee United.

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“Existing alliances will be evident on the day when a delegation from the Welsh Football Fans for Independence will be joining up with the Scottish supporters group.

“All football supporters are very welcome no matter what level of the sport they follow. They are being encouraged to wear their club colours and bring flags, scarves and anything which depicts their chosen team and its local community.

“Football, especially in our sports media, is often presented as being thoroughly divisive and steeped in ancient rivalries, whether these are actually real or simply imagined.

“Traditionally these divisions have dug deep into rival groups’ consciousness, are often generational and are built upon years of distrust and negativity.

“This new group is a unique opportunity for all Scottish football fans to come together nationally and be united in the cause of Scottish independence.

“SFFY hope to illustrate that by their actions Scotland can be greater than the sum of all its parts and that new friendships and alliances can be formed with generosity and positivity in the noble and rightful cause of Scottish self-determination.”

The group has an urgent message for anyone wishing to assist them as they will be holding a final planning meeting with fundraising activities today in the Thistle Bar in Alloa.

Members of Yes Partick Thistle will be hosting the meeting in the lounge bar from 12.30pm, everyone welcome.

SFFY stated: “A very limited number of badges, stickers and flyers will be available. Hopefully we will all walk along together to the afternoon’s match at Alloa’s Recreation Park.”

Meanwhile Glasgow City Council has confirmed the march route for next Saturday, which will start at 11.30pm prompt from Kelvingrove Park and proceed through the city centre to Glasgow Green.