What’s the story behind your brand?

After graduating with a degree in Fashion in 2012, I worked for a vintage company in London re-designing and re-making pre-worn denim into everything from hot pants to crop tops. There were warehouses the size of football fields full of old denim that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

I’ve wanted to start my own fashion brand since I was a student and have always been deeply concerned about the environment, but I think it was being surrounded by those mountains of old denim that made me realise that re-using old fabric was the only option for me.

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I started ReJean in May 2018 by sampling my ideas on Instagram while freelancing as a theatre costume maker. Nowadays there’s no shortage of people who love fashion and have a social conscience and I’m thrilled ReJean is helping people shop more ethically.

What do you make?

I make unisex denim jackets and accessories from re-purposed denim. I source and take apart unloved denim and give it a new life by re-fashioning it into something totally new. Each jacket has its own unique DNA which includes up to three pairs of denims. No two will ever be the same, with each piece celebrating the details, markings and washes from its previous life.

Everything is made by hand in my studio in The Barras. Shopping at ReJean will keep unwanted clothing out of landfill. And with most of my stock denim purchased from local charity shops, customers can be sure that they are supporting worthwhile causes as well as reducing waste.

What sets you apart from other makers?

ReJean only works with reclaimed fabrics. We don’t support the production of new materials. We make everything by hand in our studio, we have all of our machinery in-house and therefore don’t need to outsource anything for production. We ship worldwide with plastic-free packaging. We buy our thread and trim from a local haberdashery, and any wholesale orders are always from UK-based companies. Even the scraps are tuned onto patchwork and made into denim hats and accessories.

ReJean is all about timeless, long-lasting pieces that are a wardrobe investment. www.rejeandenim.com