PLENTY of business people and cultural figures before the 2014 independence referendum were only too happy to denigrate the Yes movement and declare their love for the Union, then were amazed when many people didn’t like them.

Equally there were people who spoke up fro the cause of independence and suffered a backlash of sort from Unionists, but by and large there were no mass boycotts of goods, companies or individuals because of their political views, though The National repeats that stamping the Union flag on Scottish-produced goods isn’t the best idea because survey after survey shows that profits go up when sellers retain Scottish-branded items.

Now a new website is giving the Yes movement the chance to support those companies which support the cause of independence.

The website is and its organisers are determined to help direct Yessers to providers of goods and services who support Scottish self-determination.

On their website they say: “Since 2014 and the disappointment of the indy referendum result, supporters of Scotland’s right to be an ordinary country free to make her own decisions, have sought to support enterprises of a similar mind.

“We are proud to present a platform which allows independence supporters to positively choose pro-indy businesses for their next meal; gift purchase or new favourite tipple.

“We are a proud, positive, forward facing group and this platform seeks to help further that aim

“We offer two key services. One: we allow people to make a conscious choice about their next purchasing decision, and empower them to support local business who in turn support Scotland.

“Two: we allow companies to attract new customers. Our directory is open to all and can be searched by anybody. No memberships, sign ups or personal details are required to search the listings.”

For anyone wanting to publish a listing on the directory, all they have to do is set up an advertiser membership and complete the online form. It’s as simple as that.

We asked the organisers what the concept of the website is and how they saw it developing.

A spokesperson told the National: “The site is designed to provide a place for people to make positive purchasing decisions, which reward pro-independence companies with more customers.

“We’re really hoping to get 100 companies – from tradesmen, cafes and taxi drivers, through to financial advisors and lawyers – on the site.

“Hopefully we can use the site to improve the financial wellbeing

of local businesses, while spreading the positive message of Scotland’s desire to be an inclusive, self governing nation.”

We’ll monitor its progress.