Wisting (BBC4, 9pm)

THIS new 10-part drama, set in the stunning landscape of Norway, is based on the bestselling books The Caveman and The Hunting Dogs by Jorn Lier Horst. It follows homicide detective William Wisting (Sven Nordin) as he wrestles with the most shocking

case of his career. Hollywood actress Carrie-Anne Moss stars as FBI Agent Maggie Griffin, who along with Special Agent John Bantham (Richie Campbell), helps Wisting and his team capture an infamous serial killer. Meanwhile, Line – Wisting’s intrepid journalist daughter – is chasing headlines, leading her straight into the path of the murderer.

Mystify: Michael Hutchence (BBC2, 9.20pm)

A DECADE in the making, Richard Lowenstein’s poignant profile of his close friend looks back at the life of the highly talented and complex INXS frontman. The film charts Hutchence’s great heights and dreadful lows and goes some way towards peeling back the sensationalised tabloid headlines that dominated the rock god’s final years. There is a look back at his altercation with a taxi driver on the streets of Copenhagen in 1992 that left him permanently brain damaged. Robbed of his sense of smell and taste, Hutchence became a volatile Jekyll-and-Hyde character prone to acts of aggression. However, it’s the home footage, clips of the singer performing in his prime and a range of interviews with people close to Hutchence, including one-time girlfriends Kylie Minogue and Helena Christensen, that make Mystify a must-see, particularly for lovers of INXS.

The Hit List Celebrity Special (BBC1, 7.45pm)

SATURDAY night is celebrity night on BBC One. And if starry versions of Mastermind and Pointless aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite, then this offering should do the trick. Marvin and Rochelle Humes present a celebrity edition of the music-based quiz show, with comedian Susan Calman, former footballers John Barnes and Chris Kamara, and DJs Vick Hope, Melvin Odoom and Scott Mills. The pressure’s on to name as many hit songs and artists as possible to win £10,000 for their chosen charities.

Casualty (BBC1, 9.20pm)

THE festive period is often a difficult time for emergency departments and Holby’s is no exception. When Anthony turns up with his dad, who he’s convinced is about to suffer the same fate as his late mother, Rash struggles to keep his cool and ends up snapping. But Antony isn’t the only one to get on the wrong side of Rash, who later accuses Ethan of being selfish. The tension between team members is also taking its toll on Dylan, who is realising that while he may be a talented doctor, he’s not a natural leader. And just to add to his woes, a member of the management team turns up for an inspection.