ENRAGED viewers have criticised Call the Midwife for “stereotypical” portrayals of Scots in a Christmas special.

The BBC show came under fire on social media as an episode set in the Hebridean islands aired on Christmas Day.

One Twitter user wrote: “The accents were awful, it was really stereotypical and tbh worse than the usual when anyone who isn’t BBC Alba does the Western Isles. It’s just frustrating when they treat parts of the UK like this.”

Another wrote: “These accents are awful. Some kind of weird Scottish hybrid. Everyone north of the border speaks the same.”

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A similarly unimpressed viewer said: “I’m tempted to call tonight’s Call the Midwife a piece of shameless Union propaganda, but in the spirit of Christmas charity I won’t – I’ll assume that those who made it are sublimely unaware of the sub-text of what they presented.”

The episode saw the cast and crew visit famous locations on both Harris and Lewis, including the Callanish Standing Stones.

Some viewers were impressed with what they saw of Scotland. One Twitter user said it “showed off Scotland so well”. Another wrote it had them “longing to be in Scotland again”.