What’s it called?

Nobody’s Looking

What’s it about?

This slick and stylish Brazilian comedy for Netflix follows a young man called Ulisses during first few days in a new job, the difference being that Ulisses is the first Guardian Angel to be created by “the Chief” in 300 years and his job is take a daily assignment – protect a specific human from harm – then fill out a report which is filed by his supervisor, Fred. Being a curious sort of Guardian Angel, Ulisses has soon broken two of the four Angel Rules. First he helps a human he isn’t meant to, second he ventures into the Chief’s office. And what does he find there? A hamster on a wheel powering a room full of what look like lottery balls which in turn spit out the daily duties for him and his fellow angels. In other words there is no chief, and no omnipotent being watching over humankind.

What’s so good about it?

It’s clever, slick, funny and satirical and the set design is amazing. The best Brazilian comedy about red-haired angels you’ll see either this year or next.

Fun fact …

Ulisses’ patch is the 5111th District, a reference to the international dialling code for Brazil and 11, which is the code for Sao Paolo where the show is set.

Best bits

“If no one can see us, why do we have to wear ties? Ulisses asks, showing that Nobody’s Looking is as neat a satire of the modern workplace as it is of religion. There’s also a winning swipe at Hollywood’s depiction of angels when Fred tells Ulisses that if he misbehaves he’ll have to watch the Nic Cage film City Of Angels for all eternity.

For fans of ...

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