WEEK one into my term as SNP MP for East Dunbartonshire was incredibly stark. This was just a sample of what I achieved on behalf of the people of East Dunbartonshire.


Monday began in earnest with my travel down to Westminster to begin my duties as your MP. As I said – time and time again during the election – I pledged to be a local, accountable MP. The more time I have to spend in East Dunbartonshire and not in London the better.

In terms of duties, there were several induction and information sessions. There is a lot to take in – parliamentary procedure, security, office management – but fortunately the House staff are on hand to assist with any issues. They are incredible and a real credit to the Parliament.

As you can imagine, there has been a great deal of media interest regarding our election triumph. I knew the people of East Dunbartonshire were demanding change and I made that clear during my media interviews.

But I wanted to set the tone early as my time as the local MP for East Dunbartonshire. Media interviews are part of the job but what matters is people, not profile. This was exactly why I was absolutely delighted to meet with a group of students from St Ninian’s High School in Kirkintilloch who were visiting the Parliament. Mere hours after I arrived (for the first time), I was on hand, meeting the pupils and teachers, showing exactly how I intend to represent them as their MP.


Today involved a whole host of meetings and induction sessions, followed by the election of the speaker of the House of Commons.

In typical archaic pomp and ceremony, the speaker was physically dragged to his chair to begin his term. If I thought this was odd, I was about to get a rude awakening. I knew in Westminster that SNP MPs are jeered, dismissed and looked down upon, but nothing prepared me for the lack of human decency given towards our group leader, Ian Blackford. Every mention of Scotland was shouted down by the Tories. Every attempt to stand up for Scotland was undercut by this Conservative Government. It won’t last, however. Their attempts to silence the SNP group only fuel us further to fight for our constituents.

Boris Johnson referenced that he won’t stand for those who want to break up the United Kingdom in his speech.

To him I say this: the people of East Dunbartonshire and the people of Scotland have sent a clear mandate that they want the chance to choose their own future. His position to arrogantly refuse the people of Scotland that right is entirely unsustainable.


I was officially sworn in as your SNP MP for East Dunbartonshire. I am clear that my loyalty and dedication will always be to the people of East Dunbartonshire and to the people of Scotland. It is to them I owe my allegiance. That will never change.

I spent the rest of the day working on local constituency issues, with casework being actioned and constituents contacted, and beginning to shape my local office within the constituency. That is my primary focus.


The Queen attended the House of Lords to deliver her speech, setting out the ambitions of the Tories that govern in her name. This, along with the other oddities of the ceremonies, showed Westminster in all its regal ridiculousness. This is not how a functioning Parliament behaves. I respect tradition, but I abhor archaic anachronisms. Whilst the Tories revelled in their status of an increased majority, real people outwith the Westminster bubble are suffering. This is no time for pomp and ceremony, it’s time for progressive change.

There was very little of that within the debate on the Queen’s Speech that followed. The thing that struck me most about today’s debate is the complete disregard the opposition has for SNP MPs.

The Prime Minister, like a disinterested teenager, sat on his phone whilst Ian Blackford delivered his speech, standing up for Scotland and delivering on our mandate. The complete disregard for Scotland’s voice is despicable.


Today I voted for the first time in Westminster. A vote I cast on behalf of the people of East Dunbartonshire who overwhelmingly wish to stay in the European Union.

Let’s make no mistake about it, this was a bleak day. The UK Government pressed on with their EU Withdrawal Bill. Now with a majority, Boris Johnson can pass this legislation without any regard for what matters to the people of Scotland. This cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

This is a Bill that will cause harm to Scotland; that will undercut safety standards, destroy workers’ rights and damage Scotland’s ability to thrive as a functioning, inclusive member of our European family of nations.

I will be a strong voice against the harshest of Tory cuts and the restrictions Brexit will impose on people across the UK. I will deliver this on behalf of the people of East Dunbartonshire.