A TORY MP compared leaving the EU to defeating the Nazis yesterday as Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bill was passed.

Johnson’s General Election pledge to “get Brexit done”, and quickly, was rewarded by a Commons majority which meant the redrafted deal was guaranteed to win the support of the house.

Yesterday it sailed through by 358 votes to 234 – a majority of 124.

Johnson insisted the UK must “move on” from Leave and Remain camps ahead of his January 31 exit deadline.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn had urged his smaller grouping of MPs to vote against the Bill, but six of them rebelled to back it.

The National: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

The legislation will now move on to the next stage and Johnson said the UK has taken “one step closer to getting Brexit done”.

During the day’s debates, one Conservative Brexiteer compared EU withdrawal to the Second World War. Sir William Cash, who also linked the collapse of the UK’s coal mining industry to Europe, said the UK is now at a “watershed moment”.

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He said: “The reality is that this is a historic moment. It compares with the decision that was taken in 1660 when the Cromwellian period ended and we returned to parliamentary government. We re-established parliamentary government in 1688. Then there were the Corn Laws. The working man was given the right to vote in 1867.

“In May 1940, we decided that we would not be governed by any other country. We defeated Hitler and made it clear that we would be a self-governing nation.”

He went on: “As I survey the landscape of the enormous change that is taking place today, I see exhausted volcanoes of former Prime Ministers who have been constantly in the media telling us that we got Brexit wrong. No, we did not.

“Furthermore, not only did we get it right, but the British people 100% know that this is one of the great moments in British history. We have been shackled by the European Union. Yes, we will continue to trade with it. Yes, we will have global trading. Yes, we will have our democracy and our sovereignty back.”

Johnson urged parliament to allow the “warmth and natural affection that we all share” for the UK’s European neighbours to “find renewed expression in one great new national project”.

The National: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

He went on: “We will be able to move forward together. The Bill ensures that the implementation period must end on January 31 with no possibility of an extension.

“And it paves the path for a new agreement on our future relationship with our European neighbours based on an ambitious free-trade agreement, with no alignment ... on EU rules, but instead control of our own laws and close and friendly relations.

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“This vision of the United Kingdom’s independence, a vision that inspires so many, is now if this parliament, this new parliament allows, only hours from our grasp.

“The oven is on, so to speak, it is set at gas mark four, we can have it done by lunchtime, or late lunch.”

Making his maiden speech as an MP during the debate, the SNP’s Alyn Smith said the UK has not arrived at the “end of Brexit” but “the start of something much worse”.

On the implications for Remain-supporting Scotland, he hit out: “The United Kingdom is a union of equals. Do us the courtesy of using the right word.

The National:

“A union can only be maintained and endure if there is consent and respect.

“It is an arithmetic fact that Scotland, in all our recent votes, has not consented to where we are now and the actions of this House prove a lack of respect for Scotland’s democracy.”

Corbyn described the UK’s handling of Brexit as a “national embarrassment” and called Johnson’s Brexit deal “terrible”, adding: “This deal is a road map for the reckless direction in which the government and our Prime Minister are determined to take our country.”

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Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, commented: “The people of Scotland did not vote for Brexit and with the SNP returning with a greater mandate it’s clear that Scotland still rejects Brexit.

“SNP MPs voted against this flawed and deeply damaging legislation and we made our opposition clear by tabling a reasoned amendment that states that the Tories cannot drag Scotland out of the EU before gaining the legislative consent of the Scottish Parliament.

“However, rather than putting party interests to the side and putting Scotland’s interests first, Scottish Tory MPs shamefully took their orders from Boris Johnson and backed his deal which will be catastrophic for Scotland – with analysis showing up to 100,000 jobs in Scotland at risk.

“Boris Johnson has no mandate to drag Scotland out of the EU and he must instead recognise Scotland’s democratic right to choose a better future.”