THE SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford has criticised the "wrecking-ball" approach outlined today by the Tory Government following Queen's Speech.

He said the proposed legislative programme would "spell disaster for Scotland – taking a wrecking ball to our economic and social foundations".

Blackford said: “Rather than addressing key challenges facing the country by ending a decade of austerity, safeguarding our valuable NHS from the dangers of a post-Brexit trade deal, and recognising the democratic right of Scotland’s right to choose a better future, the Tories have instead set out an agenda that serves the party’s narrow interests, not the interests of the country.

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“The Tories’ plans for government only goes to show the divergent path Scotland finds itself on from the rest of the UK. From its proposed hostile immigration system, its failure to match the SNP Government's commitments on health spending and the climate emergency, the sell-out of our fishing and agriculture sector, and its extreme Brexit plans that will harm our country – this is a Tory government that is actively acting against Scotland’s interests."

Scottish Secretary and Conservative MP Alister Jack said that the Queen's Speech means "we can finally get Brexit done".

Jack said: “Today, the Prime Minister has once again made clear his unwavering commitment to strengthening the Union and bringing all parts of our country together."

He said people in Scotland are "fed up with constant political wrangling and wasteful debate", adding: "That is why we will not support the First Minister’s plans for another unwanted referendum on separation."