HALF a million people have added their signature to a petition calling for an independent Scotland

Since breaking through the target, the website set a new one of 550,000 signatures.

The petition, launched earlier this year at the SNP conference, has seen a surge of signatures following the General Election result last week which saw a Conservative majority gain power despite the majority of Scotland voting against them. 

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In the weekend after the General Election, 100,000 signatures were added. Three days ago it had reached 486,000, with only 14,000 signatures to go, now the target has been reached.

The milestone highlights the demand for Scottish independence with some of the signatures likely to be former No voters who have had a change of heart following the election results. 

The Yes petition page says: "Nicola Sturgeon has updated the nation on our next steps to independence. Within this term of the Scottish Parliament, her view is that the people of Scotland should have a choice between Brexit and a future as an independent, European nation. To make that possible, the Scottish Government will now put in place the legislation required to have a referendum."

The petition is available here.