The National:

THIS piece of news really does add insult to injury for the interim leader of the Scottish Tories after that General Election result. 

Jackson Carlaw's party lost seven seats on Friday, but it seems he has more to worry about than that. 

The annual list of top Scottish baby names was published by the National Records of Scotland this morning, putting Olivia and Jack in the number one spots (again). 

But the boy's name that dropped in popularity most significantly out of the top 100 this year was Jackson, which fell 20 places to number 79. 

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Alan Ferrier, head of demographic statistics at National Records of Scotland, said: “Once again Jack and Olivia are the most popular first names in Scotland, however, there have been some fascinating changes in the top names for 2019.

“The fastest climbers in the boys’ Top 50 are Tommy and Arthur. Tommy is up 41 places to 48th and Arthur is up 20 places to 26th. For the girls, the big climbers are Gracie, Ayla and Hallie, who are now all in the Top 50.

“Jackson had the biggest fall in popularity for the boys names in the top 100, dropping 20 places to 79th, and for the girls it was Cara, down 31 places to joint 96th.”

Have people stopped naming their kids Jackson as a result of Jackson becoming the interim Scottish Tory leader? 

We couldn't possibly say.