The National:

IT may not be particularly surprising information to many of you, but it turns out a fair amount of people in England know so little about their neighbouring country that they don't know where it starts and ends. 

PoliticsJOE headed out onto the streets of London to challenge passers-by to an IMPOSSIBLE task. 

That task? To draw the Border between England and Scotland

One participant's Border would have seen Manchester, Newcastle and Carlisle booted out of England.

Another's Scotland only began from north of the Forth.

Another started her Border in the Central Belt, and when told its actual location responded: "Wow. So it's bigger than I thought it would be."

Those prompted to draw the Border were also asked for their opinion on Scottish independence.

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One man replied: "They don't realise how lucky they are to be a part of the United Kingdom, in my opinion."

Another said he respected the right of the Scottish people to make the decision themselves, but wouldn't want independence to happen. Asked why, he responded: "Because I quite like the thought of having kind of a British island where everyone's kind of like feels more of a kind of community and together as one."

We're definitely not blaming English people for having no idea where Scotland starts or assuming England stops at South Queensferry, rather than Berwick. 

But we can't help thinking that if the UK's media wasn't so England-centric, that maybe wouldn't be the case ...