THE head teacher of a Scottish secondary was last night contacting the parents of pupils with mental health issues after their details were shared with more than 200 schoolmates.

Brechin High was said to be “a riot” yesterday after staff revealed personal details of vulnerable youngsters to the senior student body.

Lists of those with additional support needs including autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) were shown as part of a big-screen presentation in an assembly called to discuss the upcoming exam prelims.

The first and last names of youngsters with dyslexia and for whom English is a second language were also shown to the assembled classes.

Every youngster from fourth, fifth and sixth year at the Angus school had been asked to attend the meeting.

Some pupils left in tears after their names were shared by the teaching staff in a potential breach of data laws.

16-year-old pupil Ellia Wilson told The National: “They were going to inform us about our timetables.

"In no time at all it was like a name-out session.

“The school is a riot today because people are so unhappy.”

The incident comes after a week-long mental health awareness initiative at the school.

One commenter said the disclosure of sensitive personal information was “funny coming from the school that preaches mental health” and could lead to bullying.

An S5 pupil said the school is not tough enough on harassment and that they had overheard would-be bullies planning to “get” some of those named during the assembly.

She said: “They pretend they’re strict, but they’re not.”

However, the teenager said some pupils had challenged teachers on behalf of affected friends, stating: “Someone really close to me was on there and I knew how badly it would affect them.”

Last night the Children and Young Person’s Commissioner Scotland declined to comment on an individual case.

But the local authority told The National: “Angus Council can confirm that personal details were inappropriately shared to a pupil-based audience at one of our secondary schools today.

“Enquiries are under way to establish the full circumstances of this isolated incident and whether any individual learning requires to be provided.

“The UK Information Commissioner has also been advised.

“The headteacher is in the process of contacting the parents of the young people whose information was shared in error and appropriate support will be provided to and available for any young people affected.”