LESS than half of Britons believe the BBC is honest and impartial, according to the latest YouGov figures. 

Amid a constant battle of complaints of impartiality from the public, the BBC must now face the latest poll figures which show a decline in public trust. 

The National:

The report from YouGov shows the change in trust from October to December. Graphic: YouGov

Despite the BBC's commitment to stay neutral, 28% of people say they don't have much trust, while 20% say they have no trust at all. 

In October, 51% of people said they trust the BBC "a great deal" or "a fair amount". Since the General Election, those figures fell dramatically. Now only 44% of people fall into those categories, a fall of 7%.

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Factors involved included how people voted in the EU referendum, with Brexiteers more likely to distrust the BBC. Conservative supporters also had less faith in the broadcaster compared to Labour and LibDem supporters.

The figures only looked at the three main UK parties so information about SNP voters was not present in the report. 

Public trust of newspapers that backed the LibDems saw a significant fall following the General Election.