URI Geller, a TV psychic known for his ability to bend cutlery, has claimed that he gave Boris Johnson a magic spoon ahead of his success in the UK General Election.

The magician, who predicted in 1992 that missing Hungarian model Helga Farkas would be found safe and sound, and who subsequently was never seen again, tweeted that he had met with Johnson's team ahead of the election.

Geller, who once claimed he was sent to earth by extraterrestrials from a spaceship fifty-three thousand light years away, said: "Met with #borisjohnson's team, gave @BorisJohnson a spoon which belonged to Golda Meir. I energised this spoon with #PositiveEnergy as part of my strategy with the #mindpower of the #UK public to ensure that #JeremyCorbyn did NOT end up as #primeminister!"

The spoon-bender, who infamously appeared on The Tonight Show in 1973 and was unable to bend any spoons provided by sceptic James Randi that he wasn't allowed to touch beforehand, said in Januray that he would use "telepathic powers" to stop Corbyn from becoming the next Prime Minister.

The celebrity psychic, who once lived in a mansion in Berkshire and was allegedly caught manipulating a compass with a magnet on his thumb on the 2006 show The Successor, previously claimed that he predicted Theresa May's success in 2014 too.

In a similar move in 1997, Geller placed "energy-infused crystals" at the grounds of Exeter City football club to help the Second Division team achieve success in a crucial end of season game. They lost 5-1.

So... it's hard to say if Geller's attempt to undermine democracy, with magic and a spoon that allegedly belonged to a former Prime Minister of Israel, played a role in helping Boris Johnson achieve his parliamentary majority.