THE reaction across the Yes movement to the General Election result probably mirrors the views of the vast majority of the people of Scotland – namely despair at the result down south and quiet satisfaction that progress has been made to indyref2.

Several groups contacted us to ask if a Facebook post doing the rounds yesterday was genuine. We are delighted to confirm that it is, and look forward to seeing many more Labour people acting in the wake of their party’s disaster.

For as one Labour activist told us: “I am all for working-class solidarity across borders but Labour people in England have just voted in Boris Johnson and his disgusting crew, so I’ll be concentrating on Scotland’s future now.”

He raised a very good point as to why he is staying anonymous – “for supporting independence, will I now be disciplined?”

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Here is the said item which is being distributed through Facebook: “Good afternoon folks. We’re actively looking for Labour Party members who would like to get involved after last night’s disaster. If you could be so kind, please share this on your own page no matter what party you support or invite Labour Party members and supporters you know to our page. We are now organising for a relaunch of Labour for Independence as a campaign group both within the party and within the Yes movement.”

Back when Labour for Scottish Independence originally launched, it said: “We’re looking for people who may want to get involved. You can be a Labour Party member or supporter who, like us, believes in a real Labour Party within an independent Scotland.”

We will follow this developing story with interest. Meanwhile, Bob Glen of Yes Edinburgh West summed up the election succinctly: “SNP won 48 out of 59 Scotland‘s seats – a gain of 13 seats, with a stunning 45% of the vote.

“The Tories lost seven, Labour lost six, the LibDems won one and lost one (Jo Swinson), the Scottish Greens got 28,122 votes (1%).

“Boris won in England and Brexit will be inevitable.”

Aye Aberdeen asked: “What next for Scotland?

“Boris Johnson has a majority which ensures Brexit will now happen. This will enable the SNP mandates at Holyrood and Westminster for #indyref2 to prevent us being taken out of the EU against our will. The withdrawal agreement will be signed off by January initiating the transition period which ends in December 2020.

“In Scotland we still have the choice, enable #indyref2020 by whatever means possible and escape from a No-Deal Brexit and other damaging Tory policies. Nicola over to you, we trust you have a plan. We will be ready.”

So will we all.