FORMER Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has claimed it was "never in doubt" that she would avoid skinny dipping in Loch Ness.

The MSP had previously pledged to take the plunge if the Scottish National Party won 50 seats at the General Election.

And despite her claims to the contrary, her nerves were surely jangling when an Ipsos Mori exit poll predicted the SNP would win 55 seats.

However, her blushes were spared – just – as the SNP finished with 48 of the 59 parliamentary seats available in Scotland.

Suspended SNP candidate Neale Hanvey will become an independent MP after winning in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

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It marks an increase from the 35 seats they won at the 2017 General Election.

Davidson previously said she was making the pledge safe in the knowledge "that my modesty (and others' eyeballs) will remain unmolested".

She said: "I will happily wager to strip naked on the banks of Loch Ness and subject myself to a Hogmanay wild swimming session should such a result occur."