WE recently brought you news of a 500-mile trip around Scotland by Jack Elphinstone and a group supported by Aye Aberdeen which saw them take a huge banner around all 13 Tory-held constituencies.

At the weekend Elphinstone and friends were back, going the extra 500 miles and taking their message direct to the heart of the UK Government in London.

This small group of concerned Aberdeen constituents toured London landmarks with two giant banners on the final Sunday prior to tomorrow’s General Election.

One of the banners displayed outside Downing Street said simply “Boris Johnson is Lying”.

The group’s aim is to stop people voting Conservative and motivate them to vote for other parties.

Aye Aberdeen said: “We will only be content if no Conservatives are elected in Scotland on Thursday. The SNP are close to replacing them in every Tory-held seat in Scotland, although we will need the help of England and Wales to prevent a Conservative majority.”

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Elphinstone explained the group’s key messages, which they hope will resonate with voters across the UK: “Boris Johnson is a proven liar, he should not be trusted to govern the UK for five more years.

“The Scottish Tories have sold Scotland out by backing Brexit against the wishes of the majority of their constituents. If re-elected, they will hand Boris a blank cheque for hard Brexit and a mandate to continue to implement cruel and damaging policies over the next five years.

“We need to protect our health services by stopping the Tories leaving the world’s largest trading block therefore handing the future of our healthcare to Donald Trump. The Scottish Health Service will be sacrificed as Boris begs for a trade deal to sustain exports. Westminster has already revoked procurement powers from the Scottish Parliament for seven years.”

Elphinstone and friends make a special point of appealing to young people like themselves.

He said: “Scotland hasn’t voted Conservative in any of our lifetimes, yet we have been subjected to 36 years of Tory government in that time. The Conservative government has no mandate to remove Scotland from the EU against our will.”

His final plea is to those who, like Aye Aberdeen, know how important this election is, not only for Scotland but for our neighbours in the United Kingdom.

Elphinstone said: “Keep Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands by making sure you vote in the General Election tomorrow.

“We call on like-minded people in England and Wales not to vote Conservative, please don’t hand them control of all of our futures for the next five years.”

Could not put it better ourselves.