THE rewriting of Christmas classics to boost the independence cause is causing a great deal of fun across the Yes movement.

The website now features seasonal songs to help indy campaigners spread the word, with The National awarding prizes for the best videos. Poet, actress and committed Yes campaigner Gerda Stevenson has penned a song which is highly relevant to today. With her friend Patsy Seddon, Gerda sings to the tune of We Three Kings:

Those three kings of Downing Street,

They love to lie,

they love to cheat,

How fantastic, truth’s elastic,

Fake news is all they Tweet.


Oh-Oh! Men of money infinite,

Men of snake and sound bite,

Trumpism leading, justice bleeding

If you vote Tory tonight.

Johnson, Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg,

They love to party, they hate to slog.

Profits mounting, who’s even counting?

They’re swilling the Festive Grog.


Use your wits against privileged twits,

Don’t be governed by rich hypocrites,

Independence in the ascendance,

Common sense always outwits.