BBC Scotland bosses have denied a claim that presenter Kaye Adams "hates the SNP & indy".

The allegation was made by pro-independence commentator and Sunday National columnist Gerry Hassan on Twitter.

He posted in response to The National's Jouker column yesterday about Adams asking Ian Blackford why he was representing the SNP on her Mornings With Kaye Adams radio programme, rather than Nicola Sturgeon.

Blackford replied that the First Minister was at a Scottish Government meeting which she had to attend.

Retweeting our story, Hassan said: "Kaye Adams complains that Nicola Sturgeon is unable to be on her prog. #CallKaye is dumbed down broadcasting & Kaye's biases often show: she once told me how she hated the SNP & indy as it would lose her London work. I told her Irish indy hadn't hurt Terry Wogan's gigs."

BBC Scotland spokesman said: "We absolutely deny the allegations of bias made against our presenter Kaye Adams. Kaye is a highly regarded presenter and her programme has given audiences valuable opportunities to robustly question a range of political leaders on the issues that matter to them."