The National:

WHO says the BBC is a London-centric organisation? 

Today the BBC's economics editor Faisal Islam incorrectly claimed London is the only city in the UK to have an underground railway system.

When he received a barrage of "SCOTLAND!" and "GLASGOW!" tweets in response, the journalist claimed he definitely DID know about the Subway, but just didn't mention it it's not a "proper London-style system".

People in the north of England also weren't too happy with the post, replying to inform the journalist of Newcastle's Metro services and the Merseyrail underground.

Islam tweeted: "Enjoying being in Crewe for @BBCBreakfast election special with @louiseminchin and @ChrisMasonBBC and @BBCChrisMorris talking the economy, transport investment, northern powerhouse... and why only London has an Underground system..."

Reacting to a lot of posts featuring images of the various left-out underground maps, Islam added: "And yes I’m well aware of Glasgow’s Subway line - but that’s one line, 6 miles.

"Not a proper LOndon-style system of 250 miles/ 11 lines. The likes of which are seen in Valencia or Bilbao, or Nuremberg even."

Well we're big fans of the ole' Clockwork Orange. It's the third oldest system of its kind in the world, and it's been serving the good people of Glasgow since 1896!

It's iconic. It's simple to use. It's not horribly overcrowded like the tube. It's got a lot going for it!

Come up to Glasgow some time, Faisal! Maybe you'll change your mind about what makes a "proper" underground system ...