The National:

The last thing you want to do in a general election is panic - especially if you're the leader of a political party.

Thankfully the Jouker is here to provide some tips on how to appear calm and collected in the face of possibly losing your seat; a reality that Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson may be about to contend with.

Tip One: Don't start bombarding your soon to be former constituents with an endless barrage of lealfets through their doors. It's hard to appear confident when you're doing the postal equivalent of screaming through a letterbox.

Unfortunately, Swinson has fallen at the first hurdle. This small forest of eye-brow raising charts has been delivered to just one home in Swinson's East Dunbartonshire constituency.

Tip Two: If you are going to upend a stack of leaflets tall enough to make Greenpeace cry, don't send them all to another candidate!

Carolynn Scrimgeour, the representative for the Scottish Greens, is the unfortunate recipeint of Swinson's desperation here.

She confirmed that she has only received the freepost pamphlets from the other parties in the area.

Tip Three: Try visiting your constituency every now and then.