The National:

THERE have been many jaw-dropping moments during the General Election campaign and some of them have even been funny.

Yet it took Prime Minister Boris Johnson to top them all with a stunning declaration yesterday that the naughtiest thing he has ever done is cycle on a pavement.

His predecessor Theresa May infamously said that the naughtiest thing she had ever done was run through a field of wheat, presumably trespassing to do so, but Johnson’s pavement biking is in a different league of naughtiness.

He told Sky: “I think I may sometimes, how can I put this, I may sometimes when I was riding a bicycle every day – which I used to do – I may sometimes have not always obeyed the law about cycling on the pavement.”

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But then we had a classic piece of Borisism. Asked if that really was the naughtiest thing he had ever done, he replied: “No, no, it was a very careful rubric. What you said was the naughtiest thing that I was prepared to admit..."

Purely as a service to our readers, we thought you might like a few examples of "naughtiness" as compiled over the years by Johnson.

His great fans at the Daily Mail online helpfully posted this list: “He has been married twice, with each ending in divorce after he had an affair with his future wife.

“He embarked on at least five extra-marital affairs and got at least two of his mistresses pregnant.

“In 2004, his four-year affair with journalist and society author Petronella Wyatt, the daughter of Labour grandee Lord Wyatt, became public. She later told how she had an abortion and suffered a miscarriage.”

Johnson was sacked from his role as shadow arts minister by then-Tory leader Michael Howard for lying about the relationship.

He never admits how many children he has. He was sacked as a journalist for making up quotes. He admitted taking cocaine. And that’s just his personal life.