ENVIRONMENTAL activists have staged a protest outside BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow to demand changes in the way the climate crisis is reported in the UK.

At their demonstration yesterday, Extinction Rebellion Youth and Universities Glasgow called on the BBC to challenge the fossil fuel industry on the “catastrophic” effects of their “callous” behaviour.

They want the BBC to make transparent the plans of the fossil fuel industry in the UK and elsewhere around the globe. The protestors also demand that the BBC “educates” people on the concept of a just transition within the current fossil fuel industry.

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“If fossil fuels must be produced in the transition to renewable energy, we as a planet must ensure that the ones who have already gained the least are the ones to produce them, rather than exploiting the limited resources for financial gain,” said a spokesperson.

The protest was organised by young people, many of whom are still at school.

They say they feel the real perpetrators of claimte change are not being blamed enough by the media for the damage they are causing.They want the media to “educate” the general public fully on the “magnitude” of the disastrous effects of fossil fuel production on the planet.

The fossil fuel industry is responsible for approximately three quarters of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“Their current plans to drain every remaining drop of oil in the North Sea will produce three to four times the amount of greenhouse gases that the UK agreed to in the Paris Agreement,” said the activists’ spokesperson.

“Both the Scottish and UK Governments are allowing these plans to go ahead.”