THE Proclaimers have given permission for two of their most popular hits to be rewritten in support of the SNP.

Charlie and Craig Reid have voted Yes to the new versions of 500 Miles and Letter To America created in the run-up to the General Election on December 12.

They have also said they would be keen to see videos of independence supporters singing the versions when they’re out canvassing.

New words to the songs were written by poet Gillian K Ferguson and can be downloaded from the internet, along with specially adapted carols suitable for SNP activists and supporters.

Letter to America’s famous “no more” chorus has been adapted in a celebration of the prospective rout of the Tories in Scotland.

 It now reads: “Ross no more, Lamont no more, Duguid no more, Kerr no more, Bowie no more, Graham no more, Grant no more,” and so on.

The list contains what is sure to become the classic line of “Hair nae mair”, a reference to Tory MP Kirstene Hair who was elected in Angus in 2017.

The first verse of the rewritten 500 Miles reads: “When I wake up, well I’m voting SNP, I’m gonna be the one who votes right next to you, When I go out, yeah I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the one who votes along wi’ you.”

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The Carols for Christmas project has been launched by Ferguson and her partner Richard Smith and The National is giving bottles of whisky to the most entertaining videos of people singing them.  Although they started adapting carols such as Frosty the Snowman, which became Boris the No-Man, the pair decided the two Proclaimers songs would be a catchy addition to the collection.

They said they “couldn’t be more delighted” the duo had given permission for the adapted songs to be used for the election with less than a week to go. “We absolutely love their music,” said Ferguson. “They are amazing – so cool giving permission for our versions to help get the vote out.  ‘‘They want to see videos of people singing them, we hope all Yes/SNP supporters get in the spirit.”  She said the project was all about having fun and supporting the SNP.  “It’s such an important election for Scotland and independence and it’s vital to stop the Tories and the likes of Boris Johnson,” added Smith: “It’s the first winter election since 1923 and really near Christmas so we’ve tried to combine the two.”

Groups of Yes/SNP supporters, family and friends can all enter the competition.“You don’t even need to be able to sing – it’s just about enthusiasm with the National awarding prizes of bottles of whisky for the best ones,” said Ferguson.

“A phone video is fine, it’s all about enthusiasm.”

The songs can be downloaded free from

The link is also on the Facebook page Carols for Canvassing.

“We hope that Carols for Canvassing groups will record themselves singing at iconic landmarks and on every street  all around Scotland – if you  send your videos to, we’ll post them on our YouTube/Vimeo channels,” said Ferguson.  “Choral canvassers could also Tweet and Facebook their videos.”