THE last TV debate ahead of next week's General Election took place last night, with Scotland's First Minister branding the clash between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn "utterly woeful".

The live BBC debate featured just the Labour and Tory leaders, who discussed Brexit, austerity, the NHS and a range of other issues. 

Analysis of the two men's performance has largely concluded there was no real memorable moments, with BBC political correspondent Nick Eardley reporting: "Both men landed punches. But none of them were critical."

Nicola Sturgeon took to Twitter to give her take on the debate.

She wrote: "That was utterly woeful.

"Two uninspiring men, both of them unsuited to be PM. On Thursday, a vote @thesnp can lock Johnson and the Tories out of government, and make sure there are strong, progressive SNP voices shaping the future."

Last night's programme saw Corbyn brand himself the candidate for "real change", while Johnson claimed the public faces a choice between a "chaotic" government ran by Labour and the SNP, or one that would "get Brexit done".

The Greens' former deputy leader Amelia Womack criticised the debate for its lack of focus on climate-related issues.