THE Yes DIY pages exist to highlight the work of the Yes movement, and sometimes promote an initiative all Yessers can embrace.

One good idea is from Yes Musselburgh who wrote to Yes groups across the country asking them to conduct a campaign in support of Scotland’s NHS and the woman in charge of it, Cabinet Secretary Jeane Freeman, who has been the target for severe criticism over several issues.

The health service here has as a result been made a General Election issue, despite it being wholly devolved.

Secretary Sheila Boetcher wrote: “Yes Musselburgh has just sent an open letter of support to Jeane Freeman, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport in the Scottish Government. I have copied the letter below.

“We are in the process of trying to get the letter published in our local newspapers and as many of the national newspapers as possible.

“We thought it would be great if other independence supporting groups or individuals could consider doing a similar thing, ie writing letters of support for Scotland’s NHS and for Jeane Freeman and sending them to the letters pages of your own local newspapers as well as to the national newspapers.

“Given the shameful treatment of our NHS in the mainstream media (particularly by BBC Scotland) which must be so demoralising for the dedicated and hard-working NHS staff, we feel it’s vital that we get positive messages of support into the wider public domain and not just limited to the bubble of Yes social media. We hope you can help. Please feel free to share this far and wide.

“We are aware not all Yes groups are on the Indy App so if you know of any that aren’t, please pass it on. To email Jeanne the best address to use is”

Here is the Open Letter to Jeane Freeman OBE MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, c/o the Scottish Parliament:

“We, the members of YES Musselburgh, a politically non-aligned community group in East Lothian, are writing to you to publicly express our full support for the Scottish Health Service and our confidence in your role, as Health Secretary, in overseeing it.

“Given the relentless daily criticism of NHS Scotland from the bulk of our print and broadcast media (driven by a dishonest and anti-democratic political agenda) and in the face of considerable recent challenges in delivering new hospitals and other health infrastructure in Scotland, we wish to acknowledge your professional management and care of our treasured Scottish Health Service under difficult circumstances and to thank you for delivering the best functioning health service anywhere across the British Isles.”

Rideout on currency at Falkirk for indy meeting

AT this point in a General Election, it’s good to know that Yes groups across the country are keeping their eyes on the prize of independence while also tackling candidates on the issues that matter to so many Scots. 

Falkirk for Independence are well aware that the future currency of an independent Scotland remains a hot topic in the Yes movement so they have asked an acknowledged expert on the subject, Dr Tim Rideout, to come along to their meeting at Falkirk Golf Club on Monday night, 7pm for a 7.30pm start, to discuss “options for a new currency in an independent Scotland and the conditions that will be necessary for it to work.”

Falkirk for Independence told us: “Dr Rideout came to the attention of the Scottish independence movement when he stood up at the SNP conference and called into question the six tests required by the Growth Commission for the introduction of a new Scottish currency. 

“He will speak about that and offer an alternative view on how a Scottish currency could be established. Come along and join the debate. It is important in the current climate for us to see all our economic options for the future.”

At the conference, Dr Rideout argued that so long as an independent Scotland employed Sterling, the nation’s entire monetary policy would be set in London.

On Monday, Dr Rideout will also be playing his Currency Game and there are prizes to be won. There’s a £5 entry fee for the Game but it’s free to attend the event.