"Get Brexit done” sloganeering implies that returning a Conservative majority would end the turmoil, uncertainty and antagonism of the last three and a half years. In reality Boris Johnson’s deal would trigger a decade of turmoil, uncertainty and antagonism, with every chance that 2020 ends with another No-Deal cliffhanger.

Every mainstream economic forecaster says that Brexit will damage the UK economy; the Government dares not produce figures on quite how much. The only way to avoid the instability and widening social inequality that Brexit would bring, is by ensuring that Boris Johnson does not get a majority.

This means voting tactically for the Remain candidate with the best chance of winning (SNP, Green, LibDem, or a Labour Remainer). If that is the SNP, it may be a stretch for Remainers – especially pro-EU Conservatives, who oppose Scottish independence, fearing their vote will be interpreted as being in favour of independence. But this view is misplaced; independence could only be decided by a separate referendum which could happen only after a second EU referendum which, in itself, would change the political landscape.

In this election, we are asking voters to set aside their views on independence and vote to stop Brexit. We represent local, cross-party, pro-EU groups across Scotland that bridge the ‘Yes-No’ divide on independence - because we all put securing our place in Europe first.

We urge voters to think tactically and vote for the strongest Remain candidate so the people can decide whether they want the Brexit on offer.
Gill Bird – Highlands4Europe
Victoria Lee – Stirling4Europe
Susannah Rae – Perth4Europe
John Purvis – Fife4Europe
Kirsty Law – Inverclyde4Europe
Fiona Wishlade – GlasgowLovesEU
Morag Williamson – Edinburgh4Europe
Tony Martin – EastLothian4Europe, Pensioners4EU
David Roulston – SWScotland4Europe
Teo Benea – Our Future Our Choice Edinburgh
Laura McPherson-Ziegler – Our Future Our Choice Glasgow
Joe Meighan/Rebecca Coleman – Our Future Our Choice Scotland
David Clarke – European Movement in Scotland

I AM not a member of any political party but have watch the election process with puzzlement.

Boris Johnson is desperate to avoid tough direct questioning on his policies. He refused to take part in the debates for the Tory leadership, he refused to take part in the Channel 4 leadership debate and is now stalling his appearance on the Andrew Neil show.

Television coverage of what should be the Tories’ main asset is strictly confined to controlled sound bites.

Even in such controlled sound bites, Johnson looks very uncomfortable around ordinary people. The posh Old Etonian does not relate to the everyday voter, mere plebs! His so-called charm only emerges only when with his own mostly public school chums and cronies.

The criticism of his fellow Old Etonian and Bullingdon Club member David Cameron that he was totally out of touch with ordinary people, not even knowing the price of a loaf of bread, applies even more strongly to Johnson.

Johnson focusses on Brexit because he flounders completely on other issues, making up conflicting answers “on the hoof”. Yet even a prominent Brexit Party MEP has said he would rather stay in the EU than have Johnson’s deal!

He has inherited the prolonged, corrosive austerity regime that has damaged so many local services, the police, hospital and libraries. Yet he talks of yet more tax cuts for his wealthy friends!

It is looking increasingly that even Johnson’s own cronies and handlers don’t trust him, that he is seen as a potential huge liability to the Tory campaign and has to be very strictly controlled. This is a man whom former Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings described as “utterly unfit to be prime minister” and his “allies” in the Brexit Party describe as “someone nobody has ever trusted in his entire career”.
Pete Milory
Trowbridge, Wiltshire

DONALD Tusk is described in The Guardian, after an interview, as an “unabashed” Anglophile. He certainly has been “bashed” by the Anglo-vote to leave the EU. Whaur’s his Anglophilinism noo? Another starry eyed Anglophile brought down to Earth!

He was probably one of those continentals who would use “England” to mean “Britain”. He kens noo after Scotland voted differently to remain in the EU. He does not mention the fact that the EU opposed Scotland becoming independent and insisted that Scotland’s EU status was only guaranteed through the 1707 Union.

We have not forgotten that. So he has been sent “home” to think again. He experienced Westminster at its worst during the Brexit negotiations and the implosion at Westminster during the last three years of May-hem.

The myth of Westminster and the hallowed British “unwritten” constitution so glorified was laid bare for all to see. We in Scotland have rejected the individual Unionist parties which hate one another south of the Tweed yet act as fifth columnists as the Union fades away. The duopoly is a mere shrivelled up scrap and only gains succour from its head offices south of Tweed. The LibDems just tag on.

When indyref 2 starts, one will hope that the Continental “Anglophiles” will desist from exhorting us to remain in the UK and remember we voted to remain in the EU and that vote had been denied by Westminster.

There is a lurking ambivalence in many Scottish EU supporters of independence towards the EU after 2014. The EU acted wrongly towards Scots in 2014 and mustn’t do so again.
John Edgar