The National:

THE LibDems have made quite a few mistakes on leaflets during their General Election campaign but the latest one 

Glasgow North East candidate Nicholas Moohan's leaflet includes a two-part checklist, with the first point saying he wants to "improve our public transport". 

But the second point is not there, simply saying: "Second positive point about local candidate or action on issue."

The National:

Moohan's profile on the LibDems' website says he believes in abolishing the Vagrancy Act (a UK law that makes rough sleeping illegal) and treating drug addiction as a public health issue.

Perhaps if the leaflet had been proofread one of the above policies would have been added.

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Twitter users were quick to point out the mistake, with one saying it is "really promising" that the leaflet had not been checked.

Another questioned whether the party were unable to suggest another positive thing Moohan had done for the area or whether they simply forgot.

Maybe this will teach the LibDems to check their leaflets in the future ...