JO Swinson has demanded “cowardly” Boris Johnson take part in a televised interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil.

The LibDem leader, who was in Edinburgh last night addressing party members, said the Prime Minister must confirm he will do a head to head with the beeb’s bruiser, just as the leaders of all the other parties had.

Neil confirmed this week Johnson has still not agreed a date for a General Election interview with him, despite the BBC confirming it could do one “at any time and any place”.

Swinson said: “Boris Johnson must stop ducking scrutiny. His cowardly behaviour shows why he simply isn’t fit to be prime minister.

“How can we expect Johnson to stand up to Trump or Putin if he won’t even agree to a half-hour interview with Andrew Neil?

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“It’s bad enough that the voice of Remain has been excluded from today’s debate. But it’s even worse that right now Boris Johnson won’t be held properly to account for his lies and extreme Brexit plans.”

The Prime Minister was asked during a campaign stop yesterday if he would do an interview with the Paisley bruiser.

Johnson said he would be “very happy do interviews with all manner of people” but refused to commit himself to taking part.

In her own interview with Neil, broadcast on Tuesday night, Swinson, who was a minister in the Tory-LibDem coalition government apologised for the austerity brought in by her administration.

“Some cuts were necessary, but the shape of those cuts and certainly the balance between cuts and tax rises, I don’t think was the right balance.”

Asked if she would apologise for supporting the bedroom tax, Swinson said: “Yes, I am sorry that I did that. It was not the right policy and we should have stopped it.”