A GLASGOW producer gives a live performance of his first record in a decade tonight.

Gaming, the new electronica project headed by Alan Bryden, will launch debut album Scenes From A Deserted City with a full audiovisual live show.

The atmospheric instrumental record – Bryden’s first since his Sidewinder project was put on hold around 10 years ago – has already attracted praise from electro veterans such as Laurent Garnier, Levon Vincent, Mixmaster Morris and The Revenge, who describes it as having “the vibe of a full movie soundtrack”.

Recorded in an abandoned school building, the album mixes elements of 1990s techno, leftfield electronica and computer music to create a sound which evokes the alienation and mystery of the urban environment.

Bryden, who will be joined by a live drummer and keys player for the one-off show, says the record addresses his changing relationship with Glasgow, where he has lived for more than

25 years.

“It’s about how I feel now about the increasing sense of urban decay and how the city can be a very isolating place,” Bryden says. “It’s about how I reflect on my younger creative self trying to find a direction but mainly feeling a sense of dislocation and not fitting in. And it’s about the questions I have about how that relationship is changing, how it will be forced to move forward.”

Tonight, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 7.30pm, £5.

Tel: 0141 636 6119.


January 10, The Blue Arrow, Glasgow, time and price tbc. www.thebluearrow.


Scenes From A Deserted City is out now via Hobbes Music www.facebook.com/thebandisGAMING