WITH the latest Ipsos MORI research suggesting Boris Johnson may remain in the top spot, The National decided to take a dive into his voting history. 

Benefits and welfare

The National: Boris Johnson

Johnson is not keen on welfare benefits at all, with 19 out of 19 votes in favour of welfare benefits cuts and reductions. One notable vote was in 2016 when he voted to cut benefits for ill and disabled claimants who were required to take part in employability activities to increase work opportunities. He has always opposed paying more benefits for those unable to work due to illness and disability.

Defence and war

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Johnson has always voted in favour of replacing Trident with more modern nuclear capabilities. In 2015 he voted to renew the Trident programme. He always voted in favour of the Iraq War as well as action to tackle Daesh. 

Equalities and human rights

The National: Boris Johnson

Johnson has voted against requiring annual reports on gender pay gaps, and an assessment on Government policies’ effects on women. He also voted against largely retaining the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. He has largely been absent for gay and lesbian equality votes and has a mixed voting record. While he supports Civil Partnerships, he also voted no on an adoption Bill.


The National: Boris Johnson leaving Heathrow Airport for the UN General Assembly in New York

Johnson has voted eight out of eight times against taxing banks more. He has voted to raise the taxable threshold at which people pay income tax, and voted consistently against increasing VAT. His voting record for preventing tax avoidance is mixed, including a vote against implementing a series of proposals intended to reduce tax avoidance and evasion.

Home Affairs 

The National: Boris Johnson

Johnson has voted regularly in favour of both a stricter asylum system and for stronger enforcement of migration rules. He is in favour of mass surveillance and voted for the retention of communications information.

Climate Change

The National: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has voted seven times against measures to prevent climate change and only once for. 

Source of Information: TheyWorkForYou