NICOLA Sturgeon has described the Scottish Tories’ General Election campaign “embarrassing”.

In an interview with LBC, Sturgeon also said the acting leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Jackson Carlaw was in a “deeply humiliating position” after having to switch sides on the Brexit debate. 

She said: “I think this campaign’s becoming a bit embarrassing for the Scottish Conservatives. 

“I mean I don’t hang on their every word, I’ll grant you that, but I haven’t heard a single positive policy or suggestion come from them.”

She urged people to vote for the SNP to get out of the “Tory Brexit mess” and highlighted the negativity of the Tory campaign.

“Perhaps that’s not a surprise – they are the party of austerity. We’ve got Jackson Carlaw in the deeply humiliating position of having gone from a passionate advocate of remaining in the EU to now saying he would vote to leave the EU because obviously his instructions from Westminster have changed. 

“The Tories have got nothing positive to offer here and every photo opportunity, every leaflet, every letter they put out underlines that.”

Last night, the Tory chief was put on the spot during STV’s televised election debate between the leaders of the SNP, Scottish Labour, the Scottish LibDems, and the Scottish Tories.

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Sturgeon asked him if he would always “prioritise Boris Johnson’s wishes over Scotland’s” pointing to a recent report suggesting child poverty would increase under Tory manifesto plans.