TWITTER users have reacted to a series of messages urging Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Midsomer Norton constituents to vote him out in the coming General Election

One sign, which reads “Get Mogg Out”, was created on the side of a large slag heap, made up of mining waste from the town’s rich mining history. 

Elsewhere, posters saying "Mogg Out" are being placed in shop fronts and in windows of people’s houses. 

The National: Jacob Rees-Mogg has a track record of voting against equalityJacob Rees-Mogg has a track record of voting against equality

The result has caused the #GetMoggOut hashtag to trend on Twitter which showcases how Twitter feels for him.

One user said: “When someone calls people stupid for listening to the advice of the Fire Service & implies that he would have survived, while others perished, because he’s disgustingly tall, speaks Latin and likely voted for the lack of Safety Standards, maybe it’s time to sack him.”

Another user simply said: “I think Somerset have had enough!”

The Tory MP – who voted nine times against equal gay rights, seven times against gay marriage and 12 out of 14 times against equality and human rights – has not shied away from controversy. 

He has previously been criticised after images of him reclining in The Commons and his wealth and posh demeanour has drawn significant satire.

One Twitter user said: “It's not only on the Somerset Alps that Get Mogg Out has appeared. The same message is to be seen in windows all over Jacob's constituency.”

Others just posted a comment with the hashtag to bump it up the trending list.