The Yorkshire Vet’s Donkey Day Out for Help the Animals (C5, 8pm)

PETER Wright takes donkey-loving farmers and long-time friends and clients Steve and Jean Green on a special trip. The Greens pay their first trip to London, where they take a boat on the Thames, enjoy a traditional East End meal of jellied eels and pay a visit to Abbey Road. They then move on to the Chelsea Flower Show, where Pete is to open a special donkey-themed garden, and visit an urban farm in the shadow of Canary Wharf.

How to Save £1000 Online (C4, 8pm)

WE all love a bargain. And in the cutthroat world of business, there’s little wonder savvy buyers are on the lookout for everything from airline tickets to clothes. In this offering, Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton reveal how to slash £1000 from your online spend without compromising on what you buy. The duo examine how to transform wardrobes and wallets at a fraction of the price, and offer advice in haggling online. Such hacks can pay big cash dividends once you know the tricks.

Takaya: Lone Wolf (BBC4, 9pm)

WHEN a male lone wolf is spotted prowling a small, uninhabited archipelago just off the coast of Victoria, Canada, environmentalist and conservation photographer Cheryl Alexander goes in for a closer look. Thanks to her commitment and connection with the wolf, Alexander unearths a compelling seven-year tale of the animal. This film recounts the inspirational story of one animal’s resilience, adaptation and survival as he takes on the odds, and reveals that humans can coexist with apex predators that are often perceived as a lethal threat.

Gold Digger (BBC1, 9pm)

JULIA decides not to tell her children she is engaged when they visit at Christmas, leaving Benjamin feeling rejected. However, she ends up letting it slip over dinner – and none of her children are happy for her. Ted angrily questions Benjamin’s motives, and cynically proposes to Marsha in an act of one-upmanship. When she spots his selfish reasons and rejects him, it drives him to start drinking again, as well as urging his children to prevent the wedding from going ahead for the sake of their inheritance.