EIGHT seperate online adverts from the Conservative party have been banned by Google in the last month alone for breaking its rules, according to newly released data.

As reported in the Independent, transparency data released by the search giant shows that a number of ads had “violated Google’s advertising policies” at a time when the Tories have been repeatedly coming under fire for sharing disinformation and fake news.

Six of the banned ads were published the day of the Labour manifesto launch, alongside a fake labourmanifesto.co.uk website which claimed to show the opposition party's policies. The Tories used Google to boost the fake manifesto to the top of search results for those looking to read Labour's actual position.

Some Tory ads that are still visible include links that claim to take users to "Corbyn’s Labour manifesto" but actually link to the fake manifesto website. Other ads say they link to “Labour’s Brexit Policy”, “Labour Party Education Policy”, and “Labour’s Defence Policy” but actually send you to the Conservative website.

This follows closely on the heels of the Conservative party's press Twitter account being renamed "Fact Check UK" during the ITV Leader's Debate.

Google did not disclose the specific content of the banned ads, though company policy states that "fake documents" cannot be promoted in ads, nor can ads that "allow the promotion of products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behaviour".

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is the only other party to have ads pulled in recent months. Five of their ads were rejected at the end of October.

Ian Lavery, Labour’s chair, said “The fact that the Conservatives are resorting to fake news shows that they have no plans or desire to improve the lives of people in Britain.

“While Labour is running the biggest, people-powered campaign for real change in a generation, the Tories are relying on cynical and dishonest tactics.

“The choice at this election could not be clearer. Real change with Labour, or more dishonesty and inequality under the Conservatives.”

The Tories have also been criticised for doctoring BBC footage, and setting up fake encounters with voters, throughout the election.

The Conservative Party did not respond to a request for comment by the Independent on this story.