THE Yes movement is a broader church than just the SNP and though the party needs every vote it can get, there will be some people who will perhaps vote for the Greens or other non-Unionist parties.

One thing we can all agree on, however, is that Tory deceit about Scotland should be called for what it is. The National is pleased to highlight one example of good practice in this regard.

The convenor of English Scots for Yes, Dumfries & Galloway Branch, John Schofield has attacked comments by local MP and Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Jack that constituents “shouldn’t be afraid” of a No-Deal Brexit.”

Schofield said: “This is in complete contrast to what those involved in businesses in Scotland have said.

“Speaking at the SNP conference, NFU Scotland director of policy, Jonnie Hall, said that a No-Deal Brexit would be “a cliff edge from which Scottish agriculture, most of it, would find terminal”. In other words, the business of many, many farmers in Dumfries and Galloway.

“CBI Scotland estimates the UK Government’s predicted 8.1% drop in real gross value added (GVA) in Scotland by 2034 following a No-Deal Brexit could amount to an annual loss of Scottish output worth £14bn,” added Hall.

“A drop of this magnitude would hit jobs and living standards, the CBI warned and is more than the annual amount spent on hospitals, GP surgeries and other health services in Scotland.

“Dumfries and Galloway NHS state a No Deal would cause “immediate disruption”. There is a high risk to “the provision of safe care” and of losing vital EU staff.

“Just think about that for a minute. According to its own analysis, our local NHS has very real concerns that its ability to deliver care and treatment could be compromised.

He continued: “A No-Deal Brexit could throw local seafood exports into chaos by causing border delays that would quickly render high-value lorry loads of live and fresh fish worthless. Smaller fishermen and seafood companies say they could be wiped out if a post-Brexit deal brings tariffs or border checks for exports to vital markets in Europe.

“CBI Scotland director Tracy Black said a “disorderly Brexit” could affect jobs and livelihoods in Scotland “for years to come”. Ed Monaghan, chief executive officer of CBI Scotland said “the prospect of leaving the EU with No Deal is unimaginable”.

He added: “Unfortunately not to Mr Jack it isn’t. David Mundell MP has stated he would not block a No-Deal Brexit. Do they really know better than the experts? Our group of English people, campaigning for Scottish independence, believe that whatever political party you support, Holyrood needs to make these decisions on behalf of people, businesses and the NHS in Scotland, not Westminster.

Yes Pollok wants to see you at its festive social night

WHILE we are all concentrating on St Andrews night tonight, there’s a couple of events coming up next week that we thought you should know about.

The ever-industrious Yes Pollok group is organising a Christmas Social Night on Friday, December 6, from 7pm until 11.30pm in the Crookston Bowling Club – 790 Crookston Road, Glasgow, with G53 7TT the postcode for sat navs.

Yes Pollok said: “A night for all of our independence supporting friends with the wonderful Pepper Jock and Amanda Brown providing a great night of entertainment, floor-filler tunes to get everyone up dancing and a curry buffet all included in the cost of a ticket. We also have fantastic raffle prizes to be won.”

Tickets are priced at £15 from the Yes Pollok website and there is an unwaged option for £7.50, with the event being part-funded by the Scottish Independence Foundation.  

Yes Pollok said: “Join us for fun, drinks, politics, curry and great music.”

We also must mention a new type of event – a GINDY, mixing gin and independence. SNP Kinross is hosting the GINDY  later today at the Thistle Hotel in Milnathort, between 8pm and 11pm. It will be an evening of gin tasting, nibbles, live music and a raffle.

Tickets are £10 each and John Nicolson, SNP MP candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire, will be the special guest for what the organisers promise will be “an amazing night”.

Tickets are available from the Thistle Hotel and you can also contact SNP Kinross through its Facebook group.