THE SNP are set to make huge gains in the upcoming general election, according to new polling that also shows support for independence to be at 50%.

An Ipsos Mori survey for STV News has revealed that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP hold an 18 point lead over the Conservatives in Scotland. The SNP are currently sitting on 44%, while the Tories languish in second place with only 26%.

This is the largest lead in a Scottish poll since the campaign began.

Meanwhile, Labour are a distant third with just 16%of voters supporting Corbyn's party, while the LibDems are on 11%.

The Scottish Greens are on 2%, while the Brexit Party do not have the support of even 1% of Scots.

If accurate, these results would see the SNP gain up to 13 additional seats while the Conservatives drop from 13 to 6 and Labour are left with just one.

The LibDems would remain on four.

Emily Gray, managing director of Ipsos MORI Scotland, said: "It's positive news for the SNP – it has them on 44% of the vote and we know the Scottish public has a relatively favourable view of Nicola Sturgeon.

"The key issue for the party is, can they get the vote out on polling day. We know, for example, that many young voters like the SNP, so they need young people to turn out in sufficient numbers.

"The last two elections are a good indication: in 2015, when they did turn out, the SNP did very well, but in 2017 when they didn't, the SNP fell back."

A question on Scottish independence also featured in the poll, showing that the nation is evenly split at 50/50.

Just 4% were not sure how they would vote, though a majority do not yet back an independence referendum in 2020.

On the overall results, STV's Bernard Ponsonby said: "This is the most up-to-date snapshot and is therefore the one that will please the SNP and depress to varying degrees the other parties.

"But remember it is only a snapshot not a firm prediction of what will happen in two weeks time.

"Politicians for all they can be dismissive of polls secretly worry about them with their ability to gnaw at the very confidence they exude at election time.

"Our poll will put a spring in the step of some and have others gargling with gin before the witching hour."

The fieldwork for the survey was carried out between November 19-25, and included 1046 Scots.